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6 Apr, 2023

Did you know? According to a recent survey, 99% of the tenants want to move out of the endless circles of lease agreements to have their own homes.

It’s high time to move from a tenant to homeowner. Rent to own program works wonders to the tenants to convert them into proud homeowners.

You lease a vehicle, use it for some time and give it back to the owner at the end of the term. How will you react if you become the owner of the same leased vehicle after the term ends? You may wonder at this option, but we overwhelmingly assure to convert the aforementioned statement into a fascinating reality for you. Read on to know, how?

Be it a leased vehicle or rented a home, you end up losing both after a certain stipulated period. It simply means that all of that down payment you made and all of those monthly installments you somehow managed to give has gone indirectly into settling your lessor’s mortgage. Just reflect on what you gained in the larger scheme of things?

You eventually return the vehicle/home and you don’t really own them.

Latest statistics have revealed that 99% of the tenants want to steer clear of becoming a tenant for their whole life. They want to own a home. There are a lot of hidden pitfalls in entering leasing agreements. At the end of lease term, you may not be able to renew the lease or if you live there for 10-15 years, you are actually paying off your landlord’s expenses.

Therefore, here we are into the picture to help you eliminate all those fears that have chained you for long from foraying into homeowners’ market, and ensure you get the keys of your own home, finally putting a full stop to spending a considerable amount of your hard earned money into paying off monthly rents.

How do you become a homeowner?

If you’re a tenant, stop leasing. There are so many homeowners’ information, products, credits and grants that are available with us for the first time home buyers and repeat home buyers as well. We have matchless expertise in working with a lot of experienced builders and developers that offer grants or free down payment programs up to 70 to 100 thousand dollars. In cities, especially in the Ontario, we liaison with the top city officials who offer free down payments and grants to their clients towards the purchase price of a new home.

Backed by our unrelenting support, there are so many things you can do as a tenant to get out of this tenant method of leasing a unit or putting your money into doing something that is not going to give you the return you aim for. Now if you can’t afford a home right now due to the unavailability of down payment but you have good credit and good income you can easily get into a rent to own program. There are good and solid rent to own programs and we can help show you and educate you what you need to do to strike a perfect deal. The rent to own program is very simple.

You don’t have the down payment or enough down payment you need to move into your new home, you can enter into a rent to own agreement. This agreement will allow your lessor to collect monthly rent payments for a specific period of time at a slightly higher rate than normal market value rent, after which the lessor transfers the title to the property to the lessee i.e. ‘you’. That extra amount you’re going to pay will build up your future down payment of buying the property from the lessee who’s agreed to get into a rent to own agreement with you. At the end of the rent on a lease, you have a lump sum down payment in your pocket. Because your credit has already established and your income is good, it means your dream of home ownership is about to come true without paying additional burden on your pocket.

So, get out of that tenant tag for life, rather it’s the perfect time to get yourself into a sweet home by start putting your money in the right place to build your reliable equity for retirement.

Stop leasing my friends and what you need to do exactly, we are for you in service with 24*7 support.

2 thoughts on “Stop Leasing & Become A Homeowner!

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